Improving Conditions in Life Course Success

by AP

"I have learned how to put my own ethics in and the states of operation a person goes through. I am glad that I took this course. It makes me feel better and makes me more aware of my surroundings."

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The Way to Happiness Course

This course replaces the "criminal code of conduct" by teaching common sense values that anyone can use to live a stable and productive life and, most importantly, to regain and maintain self-respect.

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The Way to Happiness Course Completion Success

by MW

"I enjoyed this section and have applied many of the virtues into my life and my aunt's. (building walls)  
Being in jail I have really applied the section of respect other's religious beliefs. 

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Handling Suppression Course Success

by JW

Had I had this information sooner in my life, I am positive my life would not be anything like it is at this point in time! But rest assured the lessons gleaned in these studies will not go to waste in the least bit! I feel that I myself am a powerful advocate when it comes to applying myself and reaching out to others to share what I’ve learned and I have learned much to share here! 

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Parenting Course Success

"I was impressed with the booklet and wish I read it when I had young children. I forwarded it to my son who is now a recent father.

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