The Way to Happiness Course

This course replaces the "criminal code of conduct" by teaching common sense values that anyone can use to live a stable and productive life and, most importantly, to regain and maintain self-respect.

This course consists of a text covering The Way to Happiness, A Common Sense Guide to Better Living, and 21 lessons administered by mail that walk the student through the guide -- not just understanding it but actually practicing it in his or her own life to often life-changing results.

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Learning Improvement Course

Upon completion of The Way to Happiness Course the students continue on to the Learning Improvement Course.

The correlation between illiteracy and criminal behavior has been well documented. The Criminon program strives to handle the potential effects of illiteracy by handling the illiteracy itself. If a student doesn't know HOW to study then study isn't an option.

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Parenting Skills Course

Being a good parent is not necessarily a skill people are born with. Learning how to parent your children is often a skill passed on from generation to generation. Unfortunately, bad parenting "skills" are also passed on in this manner.

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Handling Suppression Course

Have you ever felt like something was holding you back in life or stopping you from reaching your goals? Have you ever been around a person who was doing well one day and the next day doing horribly; doing well, then doing poorly? Do you know anyone who always seems to be sick? There is a reason these things occur.

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The Personal Integrity Course

Integrity: Moral soundness; honesty; freedom from corrupting influence or motive.

Personal integrity is the basis upon which sound decisions are made in life.

The materials covered in this course give the basic principles and information that the student can use to help him/herself or another regain personal integrity and bring about an improvement in interpersonal relationships.

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