Overcoming the Effects of Drugs Course

At this point in time over half of the crimes committed in the United States are related to drugs or are done while under the influence of drugs. It stands to reason that handling drugs would be a basic building block to the rehabilitation of a criminal.

This course gives students the basics of what drugs really are and how they effect the body and mind.

The course lays out how and why someone could become addicted, as well as a precise means of overcoming addiction using vitamins and exercise.

The product of this course is a graduate who understands what drugs are, how they work and how to handle the effects of drugs.

Success Story

"This course has brought an awareness to me that I never had before. Growing up in the 70's I had my share of parties & drugs. I was never addicted to anything other than beer and cigarettes. I never understood how and why people could and can get addicted to many of the harder drugs.
"Not only has this course explained to me in a very plain way how and why people get addicted, it has also given me the tools to help those people if given the chance. They have plainly given me the "recipe" to possibly saving someone's life someday.
"Without this course, I would have globally judged people with addictions wrongfully. They need help from anyone willing to help. This course gives you the tools to do just that. Help those who need it most. ~Thank you~"

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