The Personal Integrity Course

Integrity: Moral soundness; honesty; freedom from corrupting influence or motive.

Personal integrity is the basis upon which sound decisions are made in life.

The materials covered in this course give the basic principles and information that the student can use to help him/herself or another regain personal integrity and bring about an improvement in interpersonal relationships.

Success Story

"For me doing this course was very informative and eye opening, in reading and accepting what I was reading with an open mind and looking for answers this course helped me realized and understand that for 1/2 my life I had been wondering why I was and why it felt as though I was getting nowhere in life, that I was achieving very little happiness, contentment and/or monetary/material things at all.
"The other courses I have completed were helpful to me, but this course was by far the most influential and helpful to me understanding that I truly am the "Master" of my own fate, that how I live and feel inside truly does reflect where, what, when, who, and how I meet people and life, that my attitude truly means and has a huge help in the path I walk during my daily living of life.
"Life is much more fruitful by how we have a more positive impact on others and our surroundings than by wishing and wanting others to give more to ourselves."

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