Handling Suppression Course Success

by JW

  1. Had I had this information sooner in my life, I am positive my life would not be anything like it is at this point in time! But rest assured the lessons gleaned in these studies will not go to waste in the least bit! I feel that I myself am a powerful advocate when it comes to applying myself and reaching out to others to share what I’ve learned and I have learned much to share here! 
  2. The changes in me will draw many who watch me into the light of enlightenment. And that is how I can do my part in bringing a major change in society and my life!
  3. I feel that the handling suppression course was a wake up call for me in a lot of ways. I say this because I could go back through my whole life and point out all the antisocial personalities and suppressive people and realize that I was a potential trouble source for mostly all of my life long!! For all these years I have blamed myself for all the times I failed to make a grade or make more of myself! While the whole time I can see the suppressive person right there along side of me…. Most every crime I ever committed was done after being goaded or antagonized by an antisocial or suppressive personality!!! I hope you have some idea of the relief and pure joy you have enabled me to grasp along with the knowledge this awakening has gifted me!! I now have a map to the road of success! I not only possess the power to lift myself, but the technology to lift others from the ashes of their burned out shells of a life! I can’t wait to promote the teachings of this course on to those I see suffering the same way I used to which is needlessly!"

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