Learning Improvement Course

Upon completion of The Way to Happiness Course the students continue on to the Learning Improvement Course.

The correlation between illiteracy and criminal behavior has been well documented. The Criminon program strives to handle the potential effects of illiteracy by handling the illiteracy itself. If a student doesn't know HOW to study then study isn't an option.

The Learning Improvement Course gives each student the study basics needed to be able to overcome the barriers to study and comprehension.

The product of the Learning Improvement Course is a graduate who has the ability to study and achieve results with the data he/she has learned.

Success Story

"By completing this course of Learning Improvement I’ve been able to enhance my own learning capabilities by better understanding what it is that blocks us from learning what we read.

"It has also given me a means to also teach others in a more efficient way by understanding what is needed for them to learn what I’m trying to teach by giving a more physical demonstration with objects to use as mass and also be developing a demo kit to assist in my tutorial of others who may want to know what I’m trying to teach. Thank you, "

More Successes From the Criminon Program