L. Ron Hubbard

The courses in the Criminon program are based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard.

Leading up to the huge body of work upon which this program is based, Mr. Hubbard conducted advanced sociological studies in Lower Manhattan and was even a Special Officer for the Los Angeles Police Department. He yet remained a compassionate man who continued to believe that although some men may pose an actual threat to society, “I will not admit that there is a naturally bad, evil man on earth.”

L. Ron Hubbard stated, “We have the answers to human suffering and they are available to everyone.” With the nonreligious moral code, The Way to Happiness in conjunction with the numerous other courses included on the Criminon program we have the tools to replace intolerance with kindness, criminality with decency, degradation with dignity and honor. Mr. Hubbard's discoveries in the field of Criminal reform have created a “road to self-respect,” which can be traveled by those who have been shunned by society for their previous wrongdoings.