Parenting Skills Course

Being a good parent is not necessarily a skill people are born with. Learning how to parent your children is often a skill passed on from generation to generation. Unfortunately, bad parenting "skills" are also passed on in this manner.

The Parenting Skills Course provides students with the tools they can use in the raising and caring for children. Through doing the exercises and drills they gain a better understanding of how to raise children so they become happy and loving, productive and valued members of society.

Success Stories

"I was impressed with the booklet and wish I read it when I had young children. I forwarded it to my son who is now a recent father. I especially found “tell me about it”, just calling their names in times for danger and not telling them to take care of their toys interesting. On my next visit I will discuss with my son his opinion and thoughts on the book."
"The way we raise our children now will reflect their character in the future."
"I never really thought about self-determinism and how we can interfere with a child’s willingness. And the effect of not allowing a child to contribute."


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