Handling Suppression Course

Have you ever felt like something was holding you back in life or stopping you from reaching your goals? Have you ever been around a person who was doing well one day and the next day doing horribly; doing well, then doing poorly? Do you know anyone who always seems to be sick? There is a reason these things occur.

In this course each student learns the basic reasons which explain the phenomena of suppression in people - for it is suppression by others that causes these apparently unexplainable things to happen. They get the tools to handle suppression and put them into better control of their own lives.

Success Story

" The Handling Suppression course has concretized my understanding of many individuals in my environment as well as myself. It is because of this course I can say that yes, it is possible for a social personality to have a few antisocial attributes, thus taking a measured eye to determine whether a person is a social personality or an antisocial personality. This course is very important because it is the tool by which one may clear their vision. The recidivism rate is between 80-85% to date and as we all know, all actions are a result of thoughts, so I must say that in regards to any person in prison, it is best to not fit in because of the antisocial ideology that is a prevalent force in prison. Because of those facts one who is an outcast in prison is more than likely a social personality. I have advised that these Criminon self-improvement courses be taken by fellow prisoners, but the majority have declined. Why? Who knows? Maybe because they feel that there are no improvements to be made. This course teaches that an antisocial personality is more likely to believe there’s nothing wrong with himself than a social personality. Do you want to take the course?"

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