The Way to Happiness Course

This course replaces the "criminal code of conduct" by teaching common sense values that anyone can use to live a stable and productive life and, most importantly, to regain and maintain self-respect.

This course consists of a text covering The Way to Happiness, A Common Sense Guide to Better Living, and 21 lessons administered by mail that walk the student through the guide -- not just understanding it but actually practicing it in his or her own life to often life-changing results.

The product of this course is a graduate who has regained his or her self-respect and now understands that following a basic moral code will lead to a better life.

Success Story

"I've learned that over the course of this program that change is possible, I've learned that by following the precepts throughout The Way to Happiness booklet you can make positive changes in your life. All I have to do is practice and learn along the way just how the virtues we apply in our lives work. I've found that I have become more confident and I've regained a renewed and refreshed outlook concerning life and how it can be lived. I've learned that everything in my life there has been choices and even though I've made a lot of bad ones, I still have plenty of time to make a lot of good ones."

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