About Criminon of Maine

Criminon of Maine is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping New England with criminal rehabilitation by education. Manned by volunteers throughout the New England area, Criminon of Maine has grown from just one student at the Maine State Prison in January 2000, to well over 300 students across 6 states in just a few years.

Currently, Criminon of Maine has students being educated on morals, values, ethics, study skills, parenting skills as well as other basic life skills by means of correspondence courses as well as one on-site program at the Cranston Rhode Island Medium Security Prison. Students are truly being rehabilitated, not just "doing their time." They are leaving prison with the data and skills needed to live a productive, happy, successful life.

This site will walk you through the basics of the Criminon program as developed by Mr. Hubbard and give you some ideas of the gains people are achieving by means of the program. If you would like more information about the program, about volunteering for the program or know someone who should be enrolled in the program, please do contact us.

Criminon’s Mission:

  • To eliminate those factors which produce and precipitate (cause to happen, especially suddenly) criminal behavior.
  • To restore common-sense moral values. To provide educational tools and life skills, including effective literacy, to those in need so they may rejoin society as responsible and contributing members of society.
  • To provide effective drug rehabilitation to offenders and those on probation and parole.
  • To assist the criminal justice system to bring about reforms that will help accomplish these aims.

Fundamentally there is a reason why someone “goes off track” and engages in criminal activity.

Mr. Hubbard discovered that every criminal career began with the loss of self–respect. When a man could no longer trust himself, only then did he become a real threat to society.

The Criminon program was designed to address that reason and its causes—head-on, in a series of steps that tackle and resolve each factor that leads one from good conduct to that of a criminal.