The Communication Course


Think back to the last time someone didn't listen to what you were trying to tell them... or the last time you couldn't get your communication across to another. It is likely that you and/or the other person become upset because of this. Being unable to communicate well can lead to unethical choices and non-optimum circumstances in life.

This section of the Criminon program breaks down the subject of communication into all of its parts and thoroughly trains the student on what they are as well as how to correctly and effectively apply each of these parts.

Students study each element of communication, one at a time, then drill that aspect with another student until both are able to apply the skill to his/her own life. By progressing through each of the drills the students increase their ability to confront people and communicate clearly and competently.

Students of the course report not only feeling more calm, more able to tolerate others, they also say how much they simply enjoy actually speaking with people now, as opposed to talking at them before.

Success Story

"The communication course showed me how to be more direct when speaking and listening to someone. I would like to thank our supervisor Jean for guiding me through these courses and showing me a better way to learn and live."
"Before I took this class I didn't have good communication skills, but now I have taken this class and it helps me to better communicate with people. I can even help other people to better communicate."
"What I learned from this course is the correct way to communicate with someone, about anything. I know that I have to maintain eye contact, keep my body still, that means no fidgeting around, and the most important one is stay calm. I'm also very sad to say that this is my last course*. I learned a lot about life in this class, and am very sad to end the class. Thank you Jean for everything you've done for me.
Sincerely, KO
*This was his final course for completion of the full Criminon program

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