Improving Conditions In Life Course

At any given point in life you are in a specific state or condition. Oftentimes when someone has reached the point of criminal or unethical behavior, they have lost the ability (or never had the ability) to recognize their current condition in life. If you can't see what condition you are in you can't really improve it. And if you can see the condition you are in but you don't know the steps to take to handle it, again, you're stuck.

This course teaches a student to recognize the different conditions that a person or activity can be in as well as the steps to take to improve the condition one finds herself in.

The product of this course is a student who understands and can recognize and improve the different conditions in life.

Success Story

"The "Conditions of Life" course was very useful. For the most part, this course helped to make me aware of "current status" in conditions of every day existence. If I’m being productive, if I’m being detrimental to my situation, if I’m advancing and so on. It also helped to make me aware of those "status" levels in other people and what steps or formula to follow, to correct and ultimately advance productivity or value to the specific situation. Very useful stuff! I found myself using and or applying the vernacular in every day situations."
M. G.