The Way to Happiness Course

by DM

"While I did The Way to Happiness Course I noticed that my way of thinking and the way that I carried myself could use improvement and with each course [lesson] my way of thinking became better. I soon found myself turning negative stuff into positive.

By the end of the course I was so pleased that I sent copies to my children so they too can enjoy the same feeling that I received from The Way to Happiness Course."

Poetry by DM

February 2003

"I had a wonderful, wonderful Dad.
He was only the best a child could ever have.
I remember his creed; it's the theme of this poem.
If there's someone in need, pass a kindness along.

"Though my dad is long-dead I remember with joy
the light in his eyes when he told me, 'My boy
if you feel that you owe me, the day that I die
remember it's others who need it, not I.'
We come here with nothing, take nothing away;
anything that you have is just yours for the day.
So whatever you owe me, you couldn't go wrong,
if there's someone else who needs it, 'Just pass it along'."

"My dad wasn't rich in material things.
He knew how to be kind;, knew the joy that it brings.
So I've tried all my life to adhere to his creed.
Paying back what I can when there's someone in need.
Though I know I'll be well short when the ledger is filled,
(a few items that are collectible, but not billed.)

"If you owed me a bit when it came time for me to answer the big gong,
don't worry about it 'just pass it along'.'"

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